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Style Guru, Confidence Healer

Welcome, you are here because you are ready to begin a new journey. Style is so much more than just the clothes you wear, and I am dedicated to helping you integrate healing methods into your wardrobe in order to help you clearly and authentically express yourself. 

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what people say

Alexis B.

Recently I had undergone major weight loss surgery and needed help shopping for my my new body. I didn't want to spend a ton of money at once because I am continuously losing the weight. Christina was extremely sensitive and attentive to my body issues and made me feel more confident to go shopping on my own. If you are going through what I am currently experiencing I would highly recommend Christina!

Jason Z.

I contacted Christina for help with selecting an entirely new wardrobe — I have always worn hand-me-downs and had never really put together outfits before. She did an incredible job at selecting outfits that were tailored to my individual needs and style, all while working around my tight timeline. After helping me choose outfits, she did a fantastic job helping me with a fitting and choosing pieces. After the fitting, she put together an awesome easy-to-reference style book with dozens of outfits — it's not only an awesome resource but an incredible time-saver as well. I couldn't be happier working with Christina and I'll definitely be reaching back out to her in the Spring to put together some additional looks. 10/10 would recommend.

Roxanne D.

I hated shopping for clothes. Like, I'd either have an emotional breakdown and/or walk out defeated after a failed shopping trip. One hour walking with Christina around the mall getting some tips changed. My. Life.This past weekend, I spent 2 whole days shopping around looking for three dresses. Walked away with one and had no tears about because I finally felt comfortable shopping in a store for me.Her price, while I considered high for my price point was worth at least double of what I paid. I fully reccomend if you are struggling with clothes to hire her and let her help.

choose your closet therapy

Closet Cleanout

Going through your closet is extremely important before we add new pieces. If you are not looking to add  anything new but you're having trouble figuring out how to organize it all, I'm the person for you! We will take everything out, color coordinate, and organize by item type and season. We will discuss what items should be tailored, which saves money, I can take items with me that you would like donated or tossed so you're left with a clean and hassle free closet. 

Personal Shopping

After we've discussed your wardrobe via at home or virtual session we will discuss your personal shopping preferences and budget. For many shoppers the budget is the most important and most difficult part of the process. With this option, I save you time and money by doing the online shopping and research needed to bring you only the best options for your wardrobe, at a price you can afford. 


Outfit Documentation

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? This is for you! I document every piece of clothing and accessories you own. If we don't live in the same city its ok! This can all be done virtually. You will then have access to a style app where I will organize your clothes into complete outfits. We can organize by season, special occasions and vacations, work, everyday, etc. This session is great for someone who wants some assistance visualizing and styling their looks. 

White statuario marble texture background, Thassos quartzite, Carrara  Premium, Glossy sta


Style Guidebook

When you sign up for our newsletter, you will recieve a FREE guide on identifying and working through the four emotional blocks that prevent you from effectively cleaning out your closet and having the wardrobe of your dreams! 

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