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August 1, 2019


Photo by Joey Kennedy Photography, H&M by Laura Borowski, wardrobe provided by Kristi Boutique, self-styled. 


Hi, I am Jessa, it’s a pleasure to virtually meet you. I am a sports marketing professional turned freelance writer, storyteller and poet. I have written for Very Local Pittsburgh, Holl & Lane Magazine, The Incline and more. My personal writing and poetry can be found on my blog, Wavy Alabaster. It is a space where I share the stories behind style, freelancing and motherhood while sprinkling some poetry in between. I have been honored to work with incredible brands including Cartier, Earth Brands, TRYP Pittsburgh | Lawrenceville, CollAction, Carnegie Museum of Art and more. Writing and personal style is where my creativity flourishes. I am a huntress. Thrift and vintage shopping experiences is where I thrive. I love building on the life of quality second hand pieces; they carry stories which shape my perspective and appreciation of time. 


Other morsels about me: I love whiskey, reading is where I find peace, I have an undying love for the podcast, The High Low, I wear the same rings everyday and cannot have enough fresh flowers and plants in my house. My husband, Ben, is the hardest working person I know and my best friend. We have a three-year old pup named Opal who has a piercing bark, but a heart of gold. I became a mother last October to an awesome little person named Louise “Lou” Jane. She has been my greatest adventure yet. 


What does personal style mean to you? When you hear the word “fashion” what does it mean to you? 


Personal style, to me, is an evolution, a reflection of my current perspective and feelings. Everyone has a personal style, whether they believe it or not. 


Fashion is synonymous with art. It forms and reflects current culture, while at the same time, preserving it. Fashion is a time warp, showing us where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. And, the best part, we live our days and make memories in this art. 


 Photo by Rose Colored Creative


Personal Style: How do you think it is acquired? How did you acquire yours? 




















[left] Photo by Joey Kennedy Photography,

H&M by Laura Borowski

[right] Photo by Rose Colored Creative


Truly anything - nature, lifestyle, a book, surroundings, culture, a great album, etc. - can form a personal style. There is limitless influence. I acquired mine from all the various life experiences and perspectives I have collected in my heart and mind - from my mom sharing her love of the hunt in a local thrift store to my alabaster skin providing a contrasting backdrop for my dark, androgynous pieces like my faux leather moto jacket to now my beautifully chaotic days as a new mother. I subconsciously, and consciously, combine and mix all the bits of my life to form a moving, breathing story on my body. 



Tell us about the piece of clothing in your wardrobe that makes you feel most confident? 


It is the piece of clothing I write the most: pap’s overalls. They are conductor-striped overalls found after the passing of a beloved man, Dale Oliver Gibboney. Pap, as he was also known, was  my husband’s grandfather and carried himself with integrity and a quiet honor on a daily basis. The cotton, made by Sears, since has soaked up those characteristics and I am honored to absorb a little piece of him every time I slip on this striped one piece. During life’s big moments, I call on pap’s overalls. 


Photo by For Rue Photography

Photo by For Rue Photography



What staple pieces do you believe every woman should own? 


We all shape our own personal style, therefore, I believe, we all choose what constitutes as staples in our wardrobe. But, whatever your staple, invest in it. Invest in its quality and fit. Then, invest in its care.


Photo by Rose Colored Creative



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