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September 26, 2019

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Hi there! My name is Liz Sterrett, and I am a local freelance social media strategist, art director, former fashion blogger, sometimes writer, and single mama of my perfect and precocious daughter Olivia. (Hi honey!) I moved home to Pittsburgh about 5 years ago to raise my daughter, without her father, and to attempt to cultivate some semblance of a fashion career in our small, albeit feisty city. After 4 years of pouring blood, sweat and tears into a degree in fashion marketing, I landed an entry-level job at PNC Bank. Who says dreams don’t come true? But in all seriousness, my corporate climbing allows for me to have a steady schedule, time off to spend with my daughter, and a low enough stress level to handle freelance work as well.

Photo by Rose Colored Creative

My main focus has turned to social media, with my passion project lying within the socials of Style412. If you do not follow on social media or subscribe to their monthly newsletter, you should hit pause on reading this and do so. This group of brilliant women works tirelessly to help in the development of our local fashion industry with information on resources, events, networking, and skill cultivation. I was lucky enough to be chosen as art director of their first Studio Cohort project, and I cannot speak highly enough about the experience. Other than that, I am constantly promoting and connecting where I can, when I can, and with whomever I can.

Networks make the dreams work!

I’ve tried to think of a way to describe my own personal style, and the only word that comes to mind would be “eclectic”. It all depends on my mood. I will dress like a Beverly Hills divorcee one day, and like a bag lady the next. I have shifted away from the world of fast fashion recently, and have been buying pieces with more meaning and longevity. One of my favorite local events to shop, Made and Found, has produced the bulk of my favorite wardrobe items. Vintage vendors such as Basil, Imani Jahaan, Kula, and Ruhling // Woven have made my closet something special, and unlike anyone else’s.


-The phrase “personal style” carries a lot of weight with me, these days. It has taken me a long time to actually cultivate my own, but to me it is how one is able to portray how they feel, and how they view themselves to the world. It’s so easy to get caught up in trends, what’s popular on social media, what celebrities are wearing, or what your friends are wearing, but true personal style has to come from YOU. I would never say it’s wrong to be influenced by others, I do work in the fashion industry, but I think it’s healthiest to find our own interpretation of outside influences. It’s important to be an individual.

The word “fashion” is an art form to me that has its own natural evolution with time. Fashion is an art of creation and expression, constantly morphing to mold into the current zeitgeist. Fashion is also a way to document personal change, in my mind. Every individual, culture, group, society grows and evolves over time, and fashion is there as a metaphorical mile marker. 


- The acquisition of personal style comes with personal growth. I am not the same person I was ten years ago, and presently, I would not be caught dead wearing the cheap Forever 21 outfits that plagued my closet back then. PERSONAL GROWTH. With the acceptance of who I am as a person, I have reeled myself back in from trying to be someone that I am not. I have cultivated a personal style that will pull from current trends, and also compliment who I AM, not someone else.  I’ve been through a lot in my life, I’ve met so many interesting people, traveled to interesting corners of the world, and I continue to grow through my day to day as a mother, and as a fashion industry professional. My personal style ebbs and flows with the waves of my life, and will continue to do so until the day I die. Who knows what I will be wearing even next month?


- I actually feel the most confident in a sheer white nightgown I purchased a few months ago. I’m a big supporter of wearing night pieces during the day, but with layers; once it cools down a bit, this flowing, ruffled, flirty nighty will get put on with one of my Ruhling // Woven trenches, and some sort of statement flat-form shoe. It’s breezy, feminine, and has the sneakiest bit of sex appeal to it. I like being feminine but a little weird at the same time. I recently went to California for vacation, and I basically lived in my bathing suit and nightgown. Not a bad way to live.






- Staple wardrobe pieces are of the utmost importance- get the right ones and they will stand the test of time, and money. I think you should always have a good pair of comfy denim, a chic black, oversized yet structured blazer, and an investment bag. OOOOOHH do I love my bags. They can make or break an outfit, and honestly, my bag collection is much larger than my current functioning wardrobe. My daughter’s inheritance will be the envy of every bag lover.




So0o00o0 if you would like to follow me and what I do/have my hand in, follow Style412 on IG and FB to stay updated on current happenings in the PGH fashion crowd, @nollapelli if you are into skincare, wellness, and amazing bedding, and of course my personals. (Please excuse the super outdated website, I’m kind of preoccupied)




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