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September 12, 2019

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Hello! My name is Meredith Kearns. I recently started my own Styling and Creative Design Business, called, The Look by Meredith. Aside from The Look, I work at PNC Bank full time where I run their Guest Services Program. I also have a passion for events and have worked with Shayla Hawkins Events for the last 5 years.


With The Look, my goal is to help others feel happy and confident in their clothing & personal style. I also love to create photoshoots. I'm still relatively new to the industry, so I often enlist the help of my friends to be my models. It makes for a really fun environment where I can dress my friends based on their personalities & we can create some awesome pictures and memories together.


What does personal style mean to you? When you hear the word “fashion” what does it mean to you?


I believe that personal style is how you express yourself. It doesn't have to be the clothes, shoes, & accessories that you wear but also how you decorate your home/apartment, or how you style pictures you take/post on Instagram. It's about expressing what you like to wear and how you like to live. Your personal style is just that, personal...so it should make YOU feel comfortable in your own skin.


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When I hear the word Fashion... my brain immediately transitions right to clothing, shoes, & accessories. It might be because I associate fashion with all of the Fashion Week's around the world, New York, London, Milan, & Paris. Seeing the "fashion" on each runway but also all of the Street Style Fashion that has become so popular and sometimes bigger than the shows now is what inspires my own Fashion choices which in turn transitions into my "personal style."


Tell us about the piece of clothing in your wardrobe that makes you feel most confident?


I know this might sound extremely silly, but a big gold hoop earring ALWAYS makes me feel confident. I feel like I can conquer the world and that no one can cross me when I'm wearing a hoop earring!


Photo by Brooke Styslinger


If we're talking full on outfit... I always feel confident in a great pair of ripped jeans, a black bodysuit, some pointed black boots, my cheetah print faux fur coat...and of course my gold hoop earrings. :)


How does your personal life affect your fashion choices?


If there's one thing I love, it's fashion! I love that every single day I can dress myself how I want & based on my mood or occasion. Most day's I'm dressing in business casual for my corporate job, or in a black dress for my event planning job with, Shayla Hawkins Events. However, when I get to attend an event, have a photoshoot, or go on a trip, that is when I can really have fun with fashion. 

Photo by Brooke Styslinger 

For instance, when I go on vacation or have an event to attend, my outfits are of the utmost importance to me - who cares where we go to dinner on vacation, as long as my outfit is on point, I'm good! Lol!


The best way for me to plan my outfits is to first, figure out the vibe of the event or trip, and then plan each day with an casual outfit & a dressy/nighttime outfit. I'll either get inspiration from my own visions of what I think would look good, (and then try desperately to make my dreams into reality) or I'll dress based on the place. I recently went to Nashville, and I don't normally buy plaid dresses, but when I saw this blue & white dress at local boutique, Lynn & Barrett, I knew I had to have it for the trip! 


If I didn't have fashion in my life, I truly believe I would not be as happy! 


What staple pieces do you believe every woman should own?


You can't go wrong with a classic pair of jeans, black boots, a basic black tee and some hoop earrings. I honestly could go on and on about other staple pieces...a black cocktail dress is also another piece that is perfect for any wedding or special occasion. If you want to add a pop of color to your basic wardrobe pieces, invest in a colorful/bright blazer. By putting on the blazer you can immediately dress up your outfit & stand out in the crowd.


Photo by Kristen Lucero 


Personal Style: How do you think it is acquired? How did you acquire yours?


I think personal style is acquired through your likes and dislikes. As I mentioned above, I take a lot of inspiration from fashion I see online, or in the streets. I also take inspiration from home decor, photography, color palettes, etc. For instance, I when designing my living room I looked at color palettes online that involved black, gold, and pops of pink/cheetah...but with a very modern take. In my living room, my black velvet tufted couch has accent pillows that are hot pink and cheetah print but the rest of the living room is very minimal with a black velvet accent chair and a gold side table with a Kate Spade gold polka dotted lamp on top. So it's a very modern living space with added pops of color. And honestly, that is how I dress most of the time, minimal, but with pops of color by adding jewelry or a bright blazer/shoe.


Overtime I acquired my personal style, by dressing in clothes that made me feel good & allowed me to feel confident!


Photo by Brooke Styslinger


Where can our readers follow and engage with you and your work?


Instagram: @thelookbymeredith

Instagram: @merkearns22_SHE

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