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September 5, 2019

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My name is Kelly Bibza. I am a fashion, wellness, and sometimes travel blogger! I’ve always been obsessed with fashion! It runs in the family. I just started my blog in August of 2018. I wanted to blog about style because it’s my favorite form of self-expression. It helps me get through the ups and downs of life with chronic illness and makes me feel great on the outside when I’m often struggling on the inside. I’ve lived with autoimmune disease and Chronic Lyme for many years. I’ve always been a researcher and hungry for knowledge of ways to heal. So, I wanted to share all of the things I’ve learned along the way with my audience and hope to inspire them to take care of themselves from the inside out!


What does personal style mean to you? When you hear the word “fashion” what does it mean to you?


When I hear the word fashion, I think of art. It really is just an artistic expression in clothing. I love to think about cuts, styles, fabric, texture, and overall design. I love the detail. Fashion allows us to use our creativity every day to express how we feel and want the world to see us. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to be fashionable. It’s your canvas, and you get to paint it however you feel best!


Personal Style: How do you think it is acquired? How did you acquire yours?


I think that personal style is influenced a lot by the people we look up to in our lives. I think we take little pieces here and there along the way and it molds and shapes our style through the years. My style icons have ranged from Jennifer Lopez to Nicole Kidman and Kim Kardashian! Right now, I can’t get enough of what Zimmermann is doing. So, I’ve been all over the fashion landscape! Haha. I know for me, my style is very indicative of how I’m feeling in that moment. Am I feeling super confident and ready to take on the world? I might throw on my favorite leather moto jacket and combat boots. Or, if I’m feeling grateful, romantic, and at peace, I’ll reach for some softer florals. I always know by my mood each day how I’ll dress - it changes. When I was younger, I did more edgy clothing, and now in my 30’s my heart and soul are softer and I like prettier things. But, I always keep it pretty glam!

Photo by Carrie Elizabeth Photography 


Tell us about the piece of clothing in your wardrobe that makes you feel most confident?


Great question! I bought a pair of faux leather pants from Agolde last winter and I feel so badass when I put those things on! They fit like a glove. I feel like they’re a suit armor and I can go destroy life in those bad boys!


How does your personal life affect your fashion choices?


On a daily basis, I really enjoy getting dressed! I've built up a wardrobe of so many different kind of options, so I know that I can easily wear something that is comfortable but stylish at the same time. I dress based upon how I feel physically, and what mood I'm in.  If I'm not feeling well, I definitely go for loose and comfortable clothing like a jumpsuit or dress. If I'm feeling well and powerful, or, if I WANT to feel well and powerful, I'll choose something like fitted denim and a statement top with a killer pair of heels!  Sometimes I feel really earthy, and grounded, and I dress more bohemian-like. Quite often, clothes make me feel differently than I do. If I want extra confidence, I'll choose something bolder than if I'm just wanting to chill and have fun.  You can always tell how I'm feeling or how I want to feel in the moment based upon how I'm dressed :)



What staple pieces do you believe every woman should own?


A camel jacket of somesort, a good pair of black jogger pants or black jeans, a great fitting pair of vintage blue jeans, a silky cami, a pretty white/ivory sweater, a quality, structured tote, black boots, a cute pair of mules, an animal print belt (snakeskin is my go-to right now), a plaid blazer, a comfortable, black dress in a unique cut and/or fabric, a floral top for romantic dates, and some delicate gold jewelry.


Thanks for having me on your blog, Christina! I can’t say enough great things about what you do with your own style, and who you are! Love ya! XO.


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