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Shape: The 6 Activewear Trends You'll See Everywhere This Fall

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

According to personal stylist Christina Stein, activewear for the upcoming season meets the criteria of a capsule wardrobe or collection of quality basics that, season after season, remain in style. "The trending concept of stealth wealth is that we invest in items that can easily coincide with what we already own, so we can wear and re-wear without sacrificing anything," explains Stein. To do that, Stein continues, designers are honing in on details like earthy monochromatic palettes, black and white, and retro (re: classic) cuts that come back over and over again, proving the longevity and versatility of the piece.

During and post-pandemic, athleisure embraced the dopamine dressing trend, with mismatched sweats, tie-dye, and neon spanning the category. "The louder and more expressive the better," Stein says of the time. Consumers are still craving color, but in moderation, in pops. There is a place for vibrant colors and statement prints, but neutrals are neutral for a reason — they stand the test of time and are seasonless. Investing in pieces that meet these parameters will translate to "less fashion waste" and "more wear from our wardrobes," says Stein. "With neutral colors and classic cuts, we are able to play with the juxtaposition of a unitard and blazer with our favorite heels for work and ease that same look into the weekend with a sleek pair of sneakers."

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