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InStyle: What Shoes to Wear With Every Type of Dress

Full Skirt

Wear with: Pointed-toe pumps or heeled sandals

Voluminous dresses are fun and bold, but because the make a statement all their own, style therapist Christina Stein stresses daintier pairs of shoes will help balance out the billowing skirt. Her recommendation? A closed pointed-toe pump or open-toe heel.

Cocktail Dress

Wear with: Open-toe heeled sandals

Pro tip: When styling cocktail dresses for clients, Stein tells InStyle she’ll typically go for an open-toe heeled sandal, and color match the shoe with the person she’s dressing’s skin tone. “It makes your legs look longer and gives cohesion to a look.” We also like matching the shoe to the dress, like Joey King's look here.

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