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InStyle: How to Be a Fashion Minimalist

Christina Stein, style therapist: “Minimalist dressing is all about 'IYKYK' style staples, which means no loud trendy pieces or obnoxious logos. Instead of going for something in the realm of monogrammed or logo mania, like the Louis Vuitton bag with LV stamped all over it, you would instead get a bag by Mansur Gavriel or the Row. Their handbags are structured and give very little away as to who designed them.

“[While we’re on the subject,] the more graphic a tee is, the trendier. Graphics also make a top more casual and less of a classic and versatile piece. When buying a graphic tee, you’re guaranteeing that the shelf life of that item is a year or less because the following year, a new graphic or logo will be smacked on a shirt and the one you own is old fashion news.”

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