I’m wearing plastic.

When slow fashion season started I did my best to not purchase anything and if I did it was from a site like The Real Real or Poshmark. (Both are my go to for designer vintage by the way! More on that on my education page here)

I wanted to find more sustainable brands as well and came across We are HAH. Created by women, for women, We are HaH sets themselves apart with not only the unique looks but these pieces are made with HAH's exclusive EFL fabric (this stands for Extended Life Fabric) It has certified UV protection so its actually good for your skin, it will retain shape and last well beyond 30 wears. As far as what it does for our planet their fabrics use 25% less energy consumption and 51% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Personally I cannot get over the quality of this dress and I have worn it at the pool or around my house as sexy loungewear. I particularly love the drama I get when I let the train lay freely on the ground (you can also tie it up in the back if you don't want the length) Truly a wonderful investment. Currently the M/L is sold out BUT I will say I could have gone down a size (I am 5'8 144 lbs for reference) Link to my dress is below as well as a few more options from their site I have my eye on!


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