I got a hobby

I think I can speak for everyone when I say @$&! 2020! With its set backs however have come some cool realizations, like, I need a hobby. Before I was just going from job to job, social event to social event. Go to sleep, waking up, rinse and repeat. I mean life wasn’t really that different. I could even go so far as to say it was boring. I thought about the last time as a child I was truly happy, two memories came to mind! Roller blading with my brother at the roller rink and biking through our neighborhood. So what did I do? I invested in roller skates! (The bike is coming soon, just like the shortage of toilet paper, there seems to be a shortage of bikes) I got the all matte black roller skates from Impala AND got outfits to match (because duh) when I put these babies on I am brought back to a happy place amongst the chaos that is 2020. Links to the skates and outfits are below!


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