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The Today Show: Comfort comes first- 20 fleece-lined leggings for any time of year, starting at $8

Updated: Jan 22

The biggest complaint that many shoppers have is that fleece-lined leggings are too thick, but their fabric structure is to thank for that.

Most retailers won't provide a thickness measurement but will use descriptions such as ultra-lightweight, lightweight, mid-weight or heavy.

The best way to tell the type of thickness is honestly understanding what you’re buying for, according to Stein.

"If you’re buying because you’re a runner, typically the weight of that legging is going to be lighter than say a legging you would hike in," she explains. "Ultra-light is usually for summer or walking in cold weather and lightweight is for more temperate weather. Mid-weight is an outer layer for everyday wear and heavyweight is for things like being out in extreme temperatures during the winter months."

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