danielle bernard designs

When Danielle was around twelve years old she asked her mom if she could teach her how to sew. The first item that she created with her newly formed skill was a small tote bag. Over two decades of honing this skill, from altering her clothes to making her clothes, Danielle found her true creative passion lay in where she began, she wanted to make and sell handbags. She started creating and selling unique handbags in 2017.

Alongside her passion for creating handbags, Danielle enjoys painting with acrylic paints. Her love and talent of brushing and blending colors on a canvas mirrors her process of mixing and matching fabric swatches and hardware in order to create what she calls functional art. 

In order to minimize waste, Danielle uses the left over leather scraps to make small wallets, woven bags, and patchwork bags.

Danielle lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and two young sons.


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