What you wear  is a reflection of our inner perception. Living by this motto brought me to question how style can impact us for the better, from an emotional and psychological stand point as well as a physical one.  By combining the study of psychology with the art of fashion, I have developed a way to use personal style and wardrobe management as a tool for positive self image


I have the privilege of working with individuals to help them explore, define, and refine what style means to them personally. Through this journey I aim to empower my clients, and give them the confidence to empower and inspire others. 


My career, and in turn my life, has been shaped by the incredible opportunities and connections I've made over the last 10+ years in the world of fashion. I have attended numerous NYFW's, led style seminars at multiple universities, and have grown a business that now serves clients in every major city of the U.S.


I offer free consultations because I always want people to be sure that I'm the right fit for someone before asking for commitment from either side. So if you're looking for a New approach to fashion and personal style, or you're simply in need of spicing up your wardrobe, contact me and we'll get started!

- Christina